Meet Your Signal Pro: Earlene Burden

At Solid Signal, it’s our team that makes us the premier online destination for satellite TV, antenna, and cellular enthusiasts. Each of our Signal Pros answers calls, emails, and chats to help you find the product you need. They also ship it to you in a timely fashion, and make themselves available to answer any questions you have. Since these folks do so much to make your experience with us a great one, we’d like to give you the chance to get to know them better.

Earlene Burden is our warehouse manager and we feel very fortunate to have her on our team. She’s responsible for the day-to-day operations in our bustling warehouse and Earlene always makes sure that everything and everyone is operating at top efficiency. This August (2016) marks her fifth year with Solid Signal and Earlene remains as vivacious as she was on her first day. Here’s are a few more things you might not know about the Solid Signal employee who loves the color purple:

How did you end up working at Solid Signal? 
“I was an operations manager for a company that used to sell boxes to Jerry Chapman (Solid Signal founder). Once the Business closed, Jerry and his team talked me into coming here.”

What do you like most about your job?
“The thing I love most about my job is the people I have worked with over the years. I also love the fact that I come in every day and strive to do my best to make the warehouse a better place!”

What has been your greatest accomplishment while working here?
“My greatest accomplishment has been becoming Warehouse Manage. I started here as a packer and I was promoted within three years. I look forward to an exciting future here at Solid Signal.”

Do you have a spouse/children/pets? What are their names?
“I am currently divorced. I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for the last four years and we have two children together. My daughter’s name is Mackenzie and she turned three in March, and my son, Landen, will be two in September.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“Wow! This is a hard one to answer because I really don’t have much spare time. What little time I do have is spent cleaning and spending quality time with my kids. This summer I am going to have more fun and take them swimming and experiencing the outdoors.”

When people meet you, what really surprises them about you?
“One thing that might surprise people is that I am a girl. Most people are shocked to find out the job that I do here. Also, most people would say I am really funny and high-strung.”

Where is the most exotic place you’ve visited?
“I have never visited anywhere exotic; but if I had, I might be dead since I have bad eating habits. On a serious note, the best place I have visited was Florida.”

If you could have dinner with one famous person who would it be?
“If I could have dinner with one famous person it would be Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. I would choose him because he is fast like me. We would eat fast, and get back to the work we both have to finish.”

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