Solid Signal Blog in 2007

The Solid Signal Blog turns 13 on February 1, 2020. It was born back in the days of TV antenna converter boxes and 40-hour DVRs, and since then it’s gone through several different revisions. I give a pretty detailed history of the blog in posts here and here. There are several different screencaps of the blog as it existed at different points in time too.

The blog in 2007

It’s always been a little difficult to know exactly what the first version of The Solid Signal Blog looked like when it launched in 2007. The Internet Archive shows this page (clickable version) which looks pretty barren:

It’s hard to be sure what the blog looked like back then but it probably didn’t look like that. So, I did some digging. The blog ran WordPress and was established in 2007 so it looks like the most current version was WordPress 2.1. It didn’t take much to set up a test install of WordPress 2.1 and populate it with these three articles. The details may have differed slightly but it’s likely that the Solid Signal Blog in 2007 must have looked something like this:

Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect reproduction. But it does give you an idea of what people might have seen if they went to in 2007.

We started on WordPress…

I’m guessing that the people who started The Solid Signal Blog used WordPress because it was common and it was free. That’s still true, and that’s why I moved back to WordPress in 2017 when this blog outgrew its previous platform. I like to think it looks a little better now. On the other hand when people from 2033 look at this site’s 2020 version, they probably won’t be too impressed. That’s just how that sort of thing works.

Reading those articles

By the way, all the original articles from 2007 are posted on this site. Scroll down (or look over, depending on your screen size) to the “Archives” and open up “2007.” You’ll see monthly lists of every article posted back in those days. Looking for the very first one? You’ll find it here. It was a pretty modest reprint of a press release from earlier in the year.

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