NEW VIDEO: Solar Charging Power Bank

What will they think of next? You’ll want to head right over to and get this power bank that charges with the power of the sun. If you have a spare 25 seconds, take a look at it:

The power you need

This is a full-on 10,000mAh power bank. That means it can charge a full-size tablet from zero to full at least twice, or charge your phone about six times before it’s drained. Two USB ports both deliver fast-charge power to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Rugged and attractive

This power bank is tough enough to take on camping trips with you. It won’t fall apart the first time you drop it, or the tenth time for that matter. It also has a built-in flashlight so you can use it in an emergency. With all that power on tap you’ll be lighting the way for several days on a charge. The leather loop means you can clip it anywhere with a caribiner (not included) and there’s a panel that closes over the USB ports to keep the rain out when you’re not using it. All in all it’s a great piece.

But solar charging is where it’s at

Sure, you can charge this power bank the old fashioned way by plugging it in to the wall with any old USB charger. But, why not go green? Leave it out in the sun all day and it will be ready to help you rock and roll all night. That’s because it has four solar panels ready to do the hard work for you. As a solar-charging power bank it’s perfect for camping trips or for use in an emergency kit. You’ll want something like this whenever you travel.

Don’t delay

We generally have really good stocks of this product because it’s so popular. But why take a chance? Get your Solar Charging Power Bank now at Solid Signal!

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