SOUND OFF AND WIN: Show us your antenna installation!

Are you proud of your antenna?

Show us pictures of your installation, describe it and let us know how it works. Does it get all the channels you want? Is it still the one your dad put up on the house 50 years ago? Inquiring minds want to know!

Leave a comment here with a photo, a description, or both, or post on one of our social channels. One winner will be chosen at random to win an HDX low-noise antenna amplifier, the perfect device for adding even more TVs to your antenna setup!

I’ll start… this is my Channel Master antenna. It came with the house and from what I can tell it was put up by the original owner sometime in the late 1960s:

It still gets 25 major channels and a bunch of subchannels, even though it’s aimed 90 degrees from the towers (as, inexplicably, are all the antennas in my neighborhood.)

How about you?

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