Stark Kids sing GoT theme song

Well friends, we’re deep in in now. How do you think it’s going for our Westerosi friends? This week I thought it would be easy and fun to start a discussion thread among our Solid Signal Blog readers for Game of Thrones. I’ll assume that everyone’s all caught up and that that you all know that spoilers are allowed.

But, to kick it off, I’ll give you this gem, recently unearthed from the HBO vaults. Back in 2012 when season 1 was airing and we all thought this would be the Ned Stark show, HBO released a silly video of Maisie Williams (Arya), Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) singing along to the GoT theme. It’s utterly silly. Well, take a listen for yourself.

First thing you realize is that these really are kids. There’s not a lot of time for giggling in Westeros, even if you’re a child from a powerful house. Not only that, 7 years later these are all grown adults and that’s how we’re seeing them now. It’s pretty gleeful to listen to them singing along to a theme that has no words.

But enough with that, let’s discuss

Let’s blow up the comments section with our favorite moments and theories! What are you most interested in seeing with the last four episodes? Is it going like you thought? Isn’t it all just one crazy ride?

OK… go!