THROWBACK THURSDAY: When we cared that DIRECTV’s TiVo was back

Remember this?

Hard to believe that there were folks lobbying so hard for this DVR, but there were. We were right there at the forefront with our preview of the “upcoming” THR22 DIRECTV HD DVR with TiVo. DIRECTV’s first DVRs were TiVo-based, and a lot of people lamented the loss of the original HR10 HD DVR which used TiVo software. About four years after the HR10 left the scene (an eternity in DIRECTV years) the new THR22 was ready. It was every bit a TiVo, from the smoky backgrounds to the peanut remote.

It was essentially a clone of the old HR10, just with the ability to watch DIRECTV’s HD channels, an ability the HR10 no longer had.

Born of marketing necessity and a contract forged to keep DIRECTV from a patent lawsuit, the THR22 launched with fanfare and sold briskly to the roughly 500 people nationwide who really wanted one. And then… that was that. DIRECTV discontinued the product in 2014 and it hasn’t been heard from since.

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