No, this dish won’t do HD.

Forgive the impatience, dear readers, and forgive that I’ve basically run this very article before. But it’s important to put it out there as many ways as possible, because lately there has been a lot of disappointment out there, and we don’t want people to get the wrong thing.

What you see above you is the Phase III dish. It looks a lot like the Slimline-3 dish but you can tell it isn’t by looking closely. Slimline dishes are marked “Slimline” on the reflector and Phase III dishes will either say “multisatellite” or say nothing at all. Also, on the LNB, there are three equal-sized plastic feed horns, while the Slimline-3 has one large plastic feed horn.

More importantly, you can’t get HD service with this dish. Yes, it’s true that before 2006 this dish was the one to get if you wanted HD service, but that was before DIRECTV went to MPEG-4 service on its 99 and 103 satellites. This dish won’t receive signals from those locations, so it’s no good for HD.

Why do we sell it? In some markets it’s needed for SD local signals, because they are on the 119 satellite. That’s getting less and less common, so unless you know for sure that you’ll need this particular dish, please consider a different one. I know it’s a lot less expensive than the Slimline-3 dish but it doesn’t work for HD and you can’t shoehorn a Slimline LNB onto it.

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