THROWBACK THURSDAY: Funny old storage

I’m loving this gallery of obsolete storage technologies from the 1970s and 1980s. Chances are you’ll recognize quite a few of them. The weird thing is just how many of them hold personal significance to me, being something I touched or wondered about or something that disappointed me at some point in my past.

And it gets you to thinking… unless you’re really young you have real artifacts from your past. Toys, games, photos, there’s real stuff that you can touch that can connect you to the way you used to be. Today, we’re definitely creating more historical documentation than ever before, but none of it is real. All our information, all our entertainment, everything is stored in the cloud now. That’s great but it means 20 years from now, there won’t be photo galleries full of meaningful memories. There won’t be memorabilia stores. There will just be this persistent screen in front of us, or whatever it is we use to interact, and it won’t have any real emotional connection for us.

Sort of makes you feel bad for today’s kids, right?

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