I pick on millennials a lot. But I shouldn’t considering they’ll run the world when I retire. If you’re one of that magic generation born between 1980 and 1995, who grew up with participation medals, tamagotchis, and slap bracelets, I have a little something for you: it’s your turn to feel old.

I found this little gem on Buzzfeed, “23 Screenshots Everyone Between The Ages Of 28 And 36 Will Recognize.” It’s a visual inventory of the way your computer looked when you were a kid, and it’s going to bring back memories, not only for the most entitled generation but for all of us who were using computers back then.

Twenty years ago, most of us were so impressed by the very idea of graphical operating systems that we didn’t even notice that they were dog slow and you couldn’t actually do much with them. I personally remember my early days on the internet, blindly typing company names with a “.com” at the end and waiting 3-4 minutes for them to load. It was just so neat that you could even do that, that it didn’t feel like wasted time.

Back then, we enjoyed our 15″ monitors and our tinny “chip” music, and we were happy. What do you think we’ll be enjoying 20 years from today?

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Stuart Sweet
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