Before smartphones, before streaming…. there was a way to bring your DIRECTV content with you. It was called “SAT-GO” and while it wasn’t a big success, at least it came in a big box.

What you see is normal-sized DIRECTV employee Jade Ekstedt holding the SAT-GO. Yes, this looks more like a photoshop mashup but the thing really was that big. It was a self-aiming dish coupled to a 17″ flat monitor and DIRECTV D10 receiver, all in one “attractive” and “portable” case. At $1,599 it didn’t get a lot of takers, and compared to today’s in-motion satellite dishes it wasn’t very powerful. It couldn’t even get HD at that price!

The SAT-GO sounded great but there never was quite enough demand for it. A planned handheld replacement never made it to market while products like the Winegard Carryout gave you the same capabilities at a lower price. But this was an all-in-one device and you couldn’t beat it for coolness. It has the distinction of being one of only two DIRECTV products with a built-in monitor and the only DIRECTV product to be featured in a cool chocolate brown.

Of course, today we have the DIRECTV App for Tablets and Smartphones, so something like the SAT-GO wouldn’t fly at that price but back in 2007… well ok it still didn’t fly at that price.

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