THROWBACK THURSDAY: That time I was kind of wrong

Back in April, 2013, I ranted against Microsoft’s then-new tablet/laptop combo, the Surface. I said it was doomed to fail. I was sort of right, and I was sort of wrong. See, the original Surface device ran a sort of crippled version of Windows that wouldn’t let you use most software. That device did die a rather quick death, along with “Windows RT,” the crippled operating system it ran.

On the other hand, Microsoft proved that it could take hardware seriously and it’s continued to evolve its laptop and desktop selection to where it’s as good as any other PC manufacturer, perhaps even as good as Apple. New Surface devices keep getting announced, and of course they all run Windows 10 which is a far more successful product than the original version of Windows 8.

So, I’ll admit, here’s a case where I was sort of wrong and sort of right, but really more wrong than right. I thought that Surface would be such a flaming failure that it would bring all of Microsoft to its knees. It didn’t — the company embraced the failure of the original Surface and went on to produce a much, much better set of products.

I suppose in that sense they own me a debt of gratitude. (hahaha.)

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