THROWBACK THURSDAY: That time I told you about DIRECTV NOW in 2014

It’s not like I had a crystal ball… but it’s interesting the news that comes out before you actually know it’s important. If you look at this article I wrote in early 2014, you’ll see that what I was really reporting on turned out to be DIRECTV NOW, the streaming service from DIRECTV. You see folks, something like DIRECTV NOW doesn’t “just happen” — it’s likely that work on the project started a year before that article. Sometimes it seems like companies are way behind but it turns out that they’re still working in secret.

Even back in 2014, this blog and others recognized the need for a live TV streaming service. DIRECTV’s 2-year contract model and installation requirements aren’t for everyone, and with millennials moving more than ever and enjoying televisions on more devices than ever, it has been clear for a very long time that a streaming alternative like DIRECTV NOW had to exist.

By the way, this article comes before the public announcement of the AT&T deal, which was in May of 2014. It’s pretty clear now that the deal was also in the works for a very long time before it was announced, so it’s likely that DIRECTV’s development team had some idea that they would have a strong wireless backbone to complement their streaming service.

In fact, even though we all looked at NFL Sunday Ticket as the strongest part of the DIRECTV/AT&T deal, now looking back maybe the two companies had something even more transformational in mind. The world’s largest pay-TV service, offering a live TV service that runs on the super-strong AT&T network… that really blows away the competition if you ask me. Of course, the streaming live TV market is still really evolving, with a lot of different players and a lot of different features, but one thing is clear – no other company offers the combination of wireless service and strong live TV selection. To me that puts DIRECTV NOW over every other service.

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