DIRECTV gives you even more 4K!

Saddle up for even more Ultra HD goodness from DIRECTV. You might want to bookmark this page because DIRECTV just announced a whole ton of new 4K programming. This is what I’m talking about:

4/21 – Nationals @ Mets
4/25 – Chelsea v. Southampton, English Premier League Soccer
4/26 – Arsenal v. Man. United, English Premier League Soccer
4/27 – Yankees @ Red Sox
4/28 – Cubs @ Red Sox
4/30 – Tottenham Hotspur v. Arsenal, English Premier League Soccer
5/2 – Orioles @ Red Sox
5/4 – American Standoff, a new documentary from DIRECTV about a family’s fight to keep its land
5/5 – Indians @ Royals
5/6 – Indians @ Royals
5/7 – Arsenal v. Man. United, , English Premier League Soccer
5/11 – Astros @ Yankees
5/13 – Monster Energy Cup @ Kansas Speedway
5/16 – Red Sox @ Cardinals
5/22 – Giants @ White Sox

Note that baseball games are subject to blackout rules and in a strange twist of fate, the Indians and Royals games will only air in Cleveland and Kansas City.

To get exact times in your area, check channel 106 on DIRECTV a few dates before the game.

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