When 2007 was the “Year of the Woman”

Taking a look back at the early days of The Solid Signal Blog, one finds this article written on the first of January, 2008. Apparently, we felt pretty confident that 2007 was the “year of the woman.” Here’s a little excerpt:

For the first time in Solid Signal’s five-year history, a majority – some 55 percent – of calls received by the consumer electronics e-tailer came from women.

Solid Signal reports that women seem to prefer personal dialog to e-mail communication. This year’s telephone call stats are validation of that preference.

Many factors play into the rise in women on the consumer electronics customer service scene. Many of the latest consumer electronics products have become more mainstream, and more accessible in recent years. This accessibility helps break down the intimidation in the female market, and empowers them to engage in personal dialog to get the help they need.

The article goes on to talk about how we have custom tailored our support experience to appeal to many different types of people. I don’t know if 2007 really was the “year of the woman” but I do know that when you call Solid Signal support you get a team of people who are really willing to help any way they can to get you up and running. Many of our support staff are female, and we do our best to connect people with a support representative they feel they can work with, who is going to understand their needs. We’ve been doing that for over a decade, according to the article, and we’ll be doing it for a decade more.

So, if you have a question, whether it’s before you buy or after, you know you can feel comfortable calling us at 888-233-7563 to find out more about the product you’re thinking of. If you would rather get email or chat support, that’s available too, and you can always use our Support Forum (the link is up top) to ask the community what they think.

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Stuart Sweet
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