Fun Friday: Apparently You Can’t Use Sci-Fi Films as Evidence

In case you haven’t heard, Apple and Samsung are in the middle of a complicated legal battle. It seems to boil down to, Apple makes iPads and iPhones, and Samsung makes things that kinda look like iPads and iPhones, and Apple wants them to knock it off, and Samsung doesn’t want to.

We here at The Solid Signal Blog are happy to help you with accessories for your device no matter what it is, and we haven’t been covering the trial.

Still, it was hard to suppress a chuckle when reported that not only did Samsung try to use sci-fi films as evidence that Apple’s ideas weren’t original, the judge in the case smacked them down for it.

Apparently Samsung’s lawyers were saying that because tablets existed in films like 2001:A Space Odyssey and Star Trek:First Contact, Apple didn’t invent the idea. Apparently the judge thought otherwise.

Sure, it’s true: the folks on Star Trek walk around with silver, touch-sensitive boxes that, if you hold them just right, look like iPads. But really, Samsung?

Not much to do but chuckle about this one.

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