FUN FRIDAY: A better calculator

I just found this out and obviously my first question is, how did I not know this in 2010?

Apparently you can backspace on the iPhone calculator. Like, if you make a mistake and you want to re-enter a number. This is one of the things I like about the Windows desktop calculator and it makes even more sense on a phone where you’re likely to fat-finger a number. You can use CE but that erases the entire number. Sometimes you just want to re-enter one part of the number. YOU CAN DO THIS ON THE iPHONE CALCULATOR APP.

But seriously, how did I not know this? Did everyone else know this and I didn’t?

OK so this is super easy. If you type the wrong number, swipe horizontally over the top of the screen where it shows the numbers you just typed. One number will go away for every swipe.

I’ll wait while you try it.

So that’s like totally earthshattering right? I mean this is something everyone should know about at least if they use the calculator. Apple should have put this in some sort of tips document at one point or other, and maybe they did… but no one else I talked to knew about this and for the life of me I don’t understand why.

OK, mind blown for one day. You can go back to your Friday.

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