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For years, streaming was streaming and antenna TV was antenna TV. Both are forms of cord-cutting, but it was either-or. You could have one or the other, or you could combine them using separate equipment, feeds, etc. With the release of AirTV, all of that has changed. This unique home entertainment system works with a TV antenna to bring you the most local TV channels and sub channels in your media market. If you add a streaming package, AirTV combines it all on one guide. It delivers all that programming to your TV and mobile devices. Solid Signal proudly carries the AirTV Player, and our staff are the experts on this innovative entertainment viewing platform.

AirTV, Cord-Cutting and Streaming

If we gave you the idea that AirTV combines cord-cutting and streaming, it’s true. But AirTV is a cord-cutting option first and foremost. It connects to a TV antenna to bring free local TV to every set in your house as well as your mobile devices. If free local TV is all you want, AirTV is the ideal service for you. If you want to stream national pay programming, AirTV is great for that, too. It’s optimized for all of Sling TV’s viewing packages. Choose one and enjoy all that streaming content plus your local TV affiliates in one easy to use guide. You’ll enjoy all this programming on both your home TV sets and your mobile devices.

Introducing the AirTV Player…

If you’re serious about cutting the cord, the AirTV Player is the way to go. This device consists of a base that connects to a TV antenna and your TV set, and a remote control that works with your AirTV and the sound system. If you just want OTA TV programming, you’ll get free TV for life at home and on your mobile devices. If you also want the streaming option, the AirTV Player is optimized for Sling, Netflix, and Google Play. The AirTV Player organizes all this programing into one guide and delivers it to your home and mobile devices.

If streaming and OTA weren’t enough, the AirTV player also works on the Android TV and through Google Play. AirTV lets you download and use almost any Android app on your TV. This adds all the benefits of Android TV to your home TV and mobile devices, including:

  • AirTV Player comes pre-loaded with Netflix and Sling, and you can add other favorites including ESPN, HBO Now, Hulu, Pandora, Showtime, Starz, and many more
  • Integration with the Google Play Store’s movies, music, apps, and video games
  • Unlimited storage for apps and downloaded media with USB expansion port
  • YouTube app that streams 4K content
  • And much more

Your AirTV Player connects OTA, streaming content, and your favorite Android TV features into one easy to use platform with an integrated channel guide. If you like using Android TV’s latest apps, then AirTV is for you. You won’t find another solution that does all of these great things for the low price of an AirTV Player.

Solid Signal is Your AirTV Expert

Everyone at Solid Signal is excited to carry the AirTV Player. This device offers game-changing streaming and over-the-air technology and much more. Our knowledgeable sales representatives know the AirTV product and services inside out, which means they can answer all your questions. If you want, our team can even recommend the best AirTV solution for you based upon your viewing habits. Some of the other benefits of getting AirTV from Solid Signal include:

  • If you’re not sure which TV antenna to get, our antenna experts will recommend the perfect solution. If you need an outdoor TV antenna but don’t know how to install it, we’ll match you with a local installer to get the job done.
  • In most cases, a small, inexpensive indoor TV antenna is enough to do the trick. We offer a wide selection of these aerials.
  • Our sales team is the nation’s No. 1 expert on TV antennas and AirTV.
  • No call centers means you won’t get the runaround from us. Our team will answer all your questions and make sure you get everything you need.

Your AirTV Experts at Solid Signal

The AirTV Player represents a dynamic shift in home entertainment. It’s the newest and most innovative way to cut the cord, stream content, and use Android OS apps. Because of its newness, it’s natural for you to have questions. The Solid Signal sales team are the nation’s No. 1 expert on TV antennas and AirTV. Let us help you. To be on the cutting edge of home entertainment, give us a call at 888-233-7563. It’s a great time to cut the cord and enjoy all of the content you want without paying a ridiculously high cable bill for channels you will never watch!

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