Get Free Cell Phone Activation and Delivery!

Getting a new wireless plan and cell phone means one of two things. You either buy it from a call center and have it delivered, or you walk into a cell phone store and purchase both there. Either way, this means you might have to wait until a tech behind the counter can help you. Wouldn’t it be great if cell phone delivery service that brought the device to your home or work, and activate it there? And since we’re fantasizing, wouldn’t it also be great if this service was free? Well, when you get an AT&T wireless plan and new phone from us, this fantasy becomes a reality!

AT&T Wireless Plans and Cell Phones?

I know, I know… most people know us as the TV antenna and satellite dish folks. We’re still the online leader in those sectors, but our Signal Connect division is also a leading AT&T Authorized Dealer. This means we provide AT&T wireless plans as well as the latest Samsung and iPhone cellular devices. These services are handled by Signal Connect, a division of Solid Signal that also provides DIRECTV packages and satellite TV equipment to commercial and residential viewers across the country.

In the past, purchasing a AT&T wireless plan and cell phone from dealers like us meant having to go to your local AT&T store. While the AT&T techs do a great job, the wait might eat up a large part of your day. This isn’t always the best option for people who live busy lives. Imagine trying to squeeze it in between coming home from work and taking the kids to soccer practice. And don’t even think about trying it on your lunch break if there are more than a few people in the lobby!

“What About That Free Cell Phone Delivery?”

Well, it’s more than that, actually. Here’s the deal: AT&T has partnered with a few authorized service providers that offer these services free to new wireless customers who also purchase a new phone. Since we’re an Authorized AT&T dealer, our customers get access to these company’s services too. After you order your cell phone from us, you’ll get a text message from the third-party company. You’ll work with them to arrange a time for them to come to your home or workplace (your choice) to handle the following:

  • Account activation
  • Data transfer from your old phone to new
  • Walk you through the new phone’s features
  • In some cases, this happens within 30 minutes of receiving your phone

Yes, all of this is free for customers within the coverage area of this particular authorized service provider. In case you’re wondering, the company serves at least 51 areas that include New York, Los Angeles, and many points in between. As these services become more popular, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these third-party providers expand their services to other regions as well.

Cell Phone Delivery: First-Hand Experience

The folks here at Solid Signal can attest to these services because at least one member of our team has used them. Eric Foreit, who works in our warehouse, recently purchased an AT&T wireless plan and two new Samsung phones from Solid Signal. His rep, John Fitzpatrick, signed Eric up for this quick delivery service. The phone arrived much quicker than Eric had anticipated. He recalled, “I got an email from my rep Daniel who told me he could be there that day! That didn’t work out well with my work schedule so I asked him if he could do it the next day and he said, ‘No problem.’”

The next day, Daniel showed up right on time here at Solid Signal headquarters. Eric recalled, “He activated the account within minutes and quickly ported over the numbers. He also hung around while I made a few test phone calls and answered my questions.” All in all, Eric describes his experience as a Solid Signal wireless customer as “great,” thanks in part to the provider’s fast and accurate service. “I would recommend it to anyone,” he added.

Signal Connect is Big on Concierge Service

We pride ourselves on offering a high level of personalized service to all of our AT&T clients. For example, we activate our DIRECTV accounts for our residential and commercial clients. Our team is able to do this is minutes compared to the hours it might take an installer to get through AT&T’s call center. That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to match this third-party provider’s free services with the AT&T wireless plans and cell phones we offer. It makes things so easy for you, and your convenience and happiness with these services matter most to us.

Want Free Cell Phone Delivery?

You probably do if you’ve been thinking about getting a new phone and/or changing providers. As we’ve said before, our Signal Connect division offers AT&T wireless plans and the latest Samsung and iPhone devices. There’s a good chance we can have that phone delivered to you and activated for free, depending on where you live. Want to find out if this free service is available to you? Give us a call at 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below and click “submit.” A member of our team will get back with you in one business day or less.

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