Happy Holidays from HBO Max!

Are you in the mood for some holiday-themed TV shows? HBO Max is the king of curating this kind of content!

HBO Max’s holiday fest kicked off December 1, 2020. It all can be found in the streaming service’s newly added “Holiday Wonderland” section. Maybe you’ve already seen it in the guide and checked it out. If you haven’t, we’re happy to inform you what’s inside that section with the intriguing name. It contains 200 hours of holiday-themed movies and TV shows. When you get a better look of everything that HBO Max has made available, you’ll see that the Holiday Wonderland truly lives up to its name!

Under the Mistletoe

This is a section within HBO Max’s Holiday Wonderland section. If a movie or show falls in this area, you can expect it to be everything that a holiday-themed love story will be. You’ll get shows such as Last Christmas, 12 Dates of Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. If you need a boost of holiday-themed love stories to give you the feel-goods, there has to be something in here for you. Actually, you’ll probably find quite a few things you’ll like.

Holiday Movies and TV

When it comes to holiday movies, no one has a wider selection than HBO Max. Maybe the best way to illustrate this range is to point out that this collection contains everything from It Happened on 5th Avenue to A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. You have to admit that’s quite a range of programming!

Holiday themes aren’t limited to the silver screen. There are plenty of TV shows that do holiday episodes, and the Holiday Wonderland has them. HBO Max gives you everything Big Bang Theory to Doctor Who and more. Although the phrase “something for everyone” is often overused, there’s no better way to describe this collection.

The “Great Debate” Continues

There are some debates that are just too contentious for me to weigh in on. HBO Max doesn’t do us any favors with one of the biggest debates of 2020: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? It seems like everyone has an opinion on this, including Bruce Willis himself. Like I said, a debate this hot is something I’m not going to address over here. (We’re not that kind of blog.)

HBO Max knows that some people believe the holidays aren’t the holidays until they see Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Plaza. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck. Die Hard is part of the Holiday Wonderland collection. And if you’re someone who doesn’t think Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Well, I’m just going to duck and run out of the room now.

And Something Totally Unrelated

Wonder Woman 1984 is debuting on HBO Max on Christmas Day. This movie was initially targeted for release in movie theaters, but you don’t need me to tell you why that isn’t going to happen. (Again, we’re not that kind of a blog.) If the gorgeous Gal Gadot in the title role of this popular DC Comics hero is your thing, then head on over to HBO Max.

On the off chance that you missed the news about this awesome superhero flick, here’s the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer:

Why We Love HBO Max

We’re all about being transparent here at The Solid Signal Blog. Our company is an AT&T Preferred Dealer, and HBO Max is a property of AT&T. So, whenever we gush about the great shows on the streaming service, it feels like we’re rooting for the home team. That said, we also love HBO Max because of what it brings to the table… or, in this case, our TV screens.

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