HBO and Cinemax Free Preview on DIRECTV this weekend

Everyone on DIRECTV gets to watch Night of Too Many Stars, airing this weekend on HBO. That’s only on small bit of the massive amount of entertainment on channels 501-520, all available to you starting today and going through Monday, November 20. It’s a good chance to see that HBO is more than just those pirated copies of Game of Thrones that you get from some dicey source. It’s actually all about original series, concerts, sports, and of course the movies you didn’t want to pay to see in the theater this summer.

The whole HBO and Cinemax on demand selection is available too, and anything you record onto your DVR should be available after the free preview is over. There’s an opportunity to get literally hundreds of hours of free entertainment, which ought to serve you well considering that most of the scripted shows you watch have already gone on early-winter hiatus.

Don’t forget that you can set recordings from the DIRECTV App for smartphones and tablets too, so if you’re reading this at work, better take a moment to see what’s available to record today before the boss sees you.

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Stuart Sweet
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