Hit & Run is the Hottest Show on Netflix!

Well, it might be. I’m only four episodes deep and I already think it’s what you should be streaming!

First of all, it’s good to be back here at the Streaming Saturday. I turn my back for one moment and Stuart Sweet turned this weekly column into another homage to Star Trek. What he REALLY should be talking about is Hit & Run, a Netflix original series. I started watching this a few days ago and I’m all in. Since I’m fond of the rule of three, I’ll give you three compelling reasons why you should be watching it, too. But first, let’s discuss…

…What Hit & Run is About

This TV series is about a married man whose wife gets killed in a high-and-run accident. It happens on her way to the airport, where she plans to travel to New York City to audition for another dance troupe. Leading up to her departure, viewers get hints that the couple’s marriage has issues. Her mysterious death sets the husband on a quest to find his wife’s murderers and their motives.

So, Hit & Run is a murder-mystery. It also has plenty of action. In the first two episodes, you get an intense car chase scene and a brutal hand-to-hand combat scene. It’s also a very human story. Many people discover that their spouse has secrets. These discoveries can be devastating to their marriages. This aspect of Hit & Run is relatable to many. Now, let’s get into the three reasons why you should be watching this Netflix original series.

1. The Best of Both Worlds

Hit & Run is an Israeli-American production, and the series benefits from this in a few ways. First, there’s the cast. Most of the main cast is made up of Israeli actors I’m seeing for the first time. Segev, the main character, is played by Lior Raz. Another standout in the series is Moran Rosenblatt. She plays Tali Shapira, Segev’s cousin. She steals scenes as a tough but caring (and pregnant) police detective.

The first three episodes are shot in Tel Aviv. It’s a gorgeous, almost dream-like city that translates well to the small screen. This pristine modernity is counterbalanced by the urban decay of New York City, where Segev tracks his wife’s killers. The change in scenery introduces the show’s American cast, as well. This includes Sanaa Lathan (Something New) and Gregg Henry (The Hunt for the BTK Killer). Everything about this production strikes the perfect balance.

2. Understated Backstories are Best

The character of Segev is a bit of a badass. Sure, he works as a tour guide, but there are hints of a dangerous and shady past. My best guess is that he was a former commando who might have also worked as a mercenary. It’s never fully explained, and this artistic subtlety adds to the intrigue. I’ve seen too many movies that try to explain a character’s backstory through dialogue that comes across as forced and clumsy.

3. There Are Secrets to be Revealed

This theme is woven throughout many of the show’s characters. For example, it’s strongly hinted that Danielle might have been having an affair. Her best friend Syd (Siene Kelly) seems to know more about it than she’s letting on. Danielle’s parents don’t seem shocked or even saddened by their daughter’s death. And why would two strangers plan a hit-and-run murder on Danielle then flee to the US? As a viewer, I’m itching for answers to each of these nagging questions. This adds the right amount of tension in each episode.

Right Now, I Don’t Have All the Answers…

…Because I’ve only watched the first four episodes. My research indicates that there are at least nine episodes. I can’t tell you if this is a mini-series, or if there will be a second season. Frankly, I think a mini-series is best. I believe most series lose steam after the fourth or fifth season. For example, I think my beloved Stranger Things has blundered into this territory, but we’ll see.

As for Hit & Run, I have every intention of watching it to the end. I make no promises as to how this show will wrap up. All I can say is that it’s already established one heck of a buildup. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess. That said, if this thing has a crappy ending, I’ll be the first to admit it. And I’ll do so in a future Streaming Saturday post. Accountability is far more important than the Starship Enterprise. Just saying!

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