How to watch the NLCS in 4K

4K still may not have really exploded onto the scene, but we’re slowly seeing more and more coverage. There’s good news today: you can watch the National League Championship series in 4K on DIRECTV and DISH starting this evening. This gives you the best coverage of the matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers, to see which team will go to the World Series. There, they’ll face either the Boston Red Sox or the Houston Astros. After 163 games, it all comes down to this.

DIRECTV customers

DIRECTV customers can find the game on channel 106 tonight, but subsequent games will air on channel 105. As with all 4K content, you’ll need an HR54 or HS17 (Genie 2) plus a 4K client and compatible TV. The TV must support HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2, but that’s common with new 4K TVs now.

You’ll also need a new dish or at least a new LNB to get those 4K signals. DIRECTV’s 4K coverage uses broadcast frequencies that are different from regular satellite ones.

It seems like a lot but really this is the most common new DIRECTV installation setup. If you have a Genie 2 and a 4K TV, you probably have everything you need. If you can watch channel 104 now, you’re all set for tonight.

DISH customers

DISH will show the games on channel 540. You’ll need a Hopper 3 and 4K Joey, but you don’t need a special dish or anything.

Details about the games

Both AT&T and DISH are committed to showing the first four games in 4K, but it’s not clear yet whether they will show potential games 5, 6, or 7 in 4K. As with all things that pertain to the October classic, it’s still developing quickly.

There’s also no word as to whether the World Series will be shown in 4K at all. I think this must have something to do with the broadcast capabilities of the individual stadiums. It’s clear that there’s 4K equipment in the Dodgers and Brewers stadiums. I would think the Red Sox and Astros would have it, but no one seems to know for sure. Although Fenway Park is one of the oldest stadiums in baseball, it’s been modernized in recent years and the camera placements and wiring may support 4K.  The Astros moved into their new stadium in 2000, and that may be the hitch. The stadium isn’t that old but it’s still old enough that the wiring may not support 4K. I have a feeling some very smart people are working on this right now.

But still no 4K football?

I’m with you. It’s surprising to me that we’re not seeing any 4K football this year. I remember being told that CBS had invested in 4K equipment for all of their broadcast trucks in every NFL game, yet there’s been no word of any 4K football, not even the Super Bowl. You would think if one sporting event would go there, it would be that one.

Oh well, gives us something to crave in the coming years. In the meantime, we’re getting to the end of the baseball season, and within a week, the current crop of four teams will be down to two. Who will it be? Hard to know, but with 4K coverage from DIRECTV and DISH, you won’t have a problem seeing the stitching on the ball.

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