Introducing RAM Mounts!

A couple of weeks ago I ran a story about cell boosters on motorcycles. A friend of mine reminded me that there are mounting solutions out there, and mentioned RAM Mounts. We’ve actually been selling RAM Mounts products for close to a decade! They aren’t the biggest sellers for us but they’re reliable, year after year. I thought it was about time to do a quick feature story on them.

What are RAM Mounts?

RAM Mounts are cleverly designed ways to attach your electronics to your vehicle. Whether you’re trying to put a laptop in your car or a cell phone on your bike or anything in between, there’s a RAM Mount that can help.

Unlike traditional mounting technologies, RAM Mounts are tough. They’re designed for heavy use by first responders and professionals of all kinds. When you use a RAM Mount, that laptop or phone isn’t going anywhere.

A solution for every problem

The people at RAM Mounts have been working for years to find new solutions. They’ve come up with dozens of ways to get your electronics securely mounted. They have all sorts of new products and if there’s a need, they’re working on it.

Who needs a RAM Mount?

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle you definitely need a RAM Mount. It’s not just first responders, though. If you use your truck like an office, you’ll want something like this. You can use your phone or laptop a lot more securely when you’re not fumbling to hold it. It will make everything safer for you and when you’re on a job site that’s important.

RAM Mounts can also make for a better experience for front seat passengers. The driver should never take their eyes off the road but if the drive is boring, you can’t blame a passenger for indulging in a little web browsing or watching a movie. If you’re in a rideshare situation, providing RAM Mounts for the passengers to attach their devices might be a good move. It’s also a great option for RV users. In past years the kids in the back might be watching TV but today they want their mobile devices. These are great options for keeping those devices where they can be seen without taking up a lot of extra space.

Be smart, be safe

The friend who reminded me of RAM Mounts also reminded me that using mobile electronics on a motorcycle is a risk. Since motorcycles are so much more likely to get into accidents, you should think twice before permanently mounting something distracting to your bike. But if you feel confident, at least use a secure mounting system because you certainly wouldn’t want your device flying off and hitting someone else.

Shop for RAM Mounts at Solid Signal

Solid Signal has a great selection of RAM Mounts available now. If you’re looking for something specific and you don’t see it, fill out the form below and our product team will get right on it!

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