Who needs digital signage?

You, that’s who.

What would you do with a sign that really got noticed? What would you do if you could insert your own commercials into live TV? Digital signage has gone from ultra-expensive to very reasonable in just about a year, so no matter what you want, it can be done with digital signage. Just take almost any off-the-shelf TV and a very inexpensive player (some are under $150) and you’re off and running! More expensive players give you the option to manage signage from the cloud, to add touchscreens or other input devices, and to create a complex and compelling experience.

Imagine what you could do if you could…

Design your signs in PowerPoint and use them “as is.”

Digital signage players can play most image and video files exactly as you create them, so you have a lot of flexibility with your designs. Add a logo, custom fonts, anything!  Plus, anyone who is comfortable with PowerPoint can create slides. Considering that most kids learn PowerPoint in school, it’s practically a guarantee that you’ll find someone in-house to do the work

Add custom advertising on the side, bottom, or full-screen

Many digital signage players let you play live TV in one corner while showing your custom ad content on the other three corners. It’s easy and flexible and it’s a great way to promote specials on new products. Live television keeps people looking, while ads give them a custom experience that drives business.

Live TV and your live ads

Produce commercials with most free programs like iMovie and you can upload them and show them in full HD. You can even automatically switch between watching live TV and your videos, all day long! It’s as if you were spending tens of thousands of dollars on commercials, except you aren’t. Many digital signage players have no cost after the initial purchase, while others have very low monthly charges.

Menus and price boards that always look awesome.

If your menu board looks like it came from a 1950s drive-in restaurant, maybe it’s time to get with the 21st century. Create super-fancy menu boards with the help of PowerPoint or any professional design program and then change them as often as you like.

Remember the first time you walked into a restaurant and saw their menu on big TVs instead of old-school letter boards? You immediately thought that restaurant had been upgraded. Now it’s time for people to think that about you.

Emergency info, or even just the stuff you need to know…

How about telling people the meeting’s been moved before they get on the elevator? Some of our digital signage players can even be updated from the web, anywhere, so you can upload new content or change information “on the go.” It’s super easy!

The more you think about digital signage, the more fabulous uses you’ll have for it. It’s a super new tool and you can learn more… just call us at 888-234-5834 today! If it’s after East Coast business hours, just fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

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Stuart Sweet
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