Invest in a Cell Phone Booster!

You’re tired of dropped calls, missed texts, and buffering. You know a cell phone booster can fix that, so why not get one? It’s the cost, right?

Of course it is.

The average cell phone signal booster we sell goes for $300-$500. That’s a significant investment, but that word is key to what makes the purchase of a signal booster a must have for anyone. It’s an investment in the continued success of your connectivity. In fact, this is all about investments, starting with your cellular device.

Your Cell Phone is an Investment

Many of those who question the cost of a cell phone booster spend more on their cell phones. It’s funny but it’s also a fact. These folks regularly spend a lot on these devices because they want the latest and greatest cell phones on the market. Some of them get two or even three cell phones in a year without batting an eye at just how much that’s costing them.

For the record, we’re not here to judge anyone on their cell phone-buying habits. If you’re someone who just has to have the newest device, more power to you. You clearly enjoy investing in the latest wireless technology. All we’re saying is that if you’re going to invest in the latest cellular device, you should also invest in the device that maintains its connectivity. And yes, that device is a cell phone booster.

The Math on Cell Boosters

The average cell phone booster that we carry costs between $300-$500. That’s about the same price as a decent mid-level cell phone. And if you get two to three of these phones in a year, you’ve essentially bought three cell phone boosters. Except that you haven’t because you’ve convinced yourself that a booster is too expensive. The truth is, one cell phone booster will last you long than three or more phones.

So, what’s the better investment?

We say the cell phone booster, of course. These devices work with any cell phone and every American wireless carrier. This means that once you turn one on, you’ll enjoy:

  • Faster data speeds
  • Improved voice quality
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • And superior streaming capability

So, it’s obvious that cell boosters improve the way your cellular devices perform. The newest cell phone is useless if you struggle to use it. That’s what happens to anyone who finds themselves far from the cellular towers or inside an enclosure that blocks cellular signals. Hint: That’s just about any home, building, or vehicle. Here’s a good example of what we’re talking about:

Ready to Invest in a Cell Booster?

We hope so. Without one, your shiny new cell phone is an expensive piece of plastic that only works some of the time. Looks, Solid Signal carries the latest cell phone booster systems for your home, office, and vehicle. If you’re not sure which one you need, we can help. Just give us a call at 888-233-7563. Our expert techs will recommend the best cell booster for your needs.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.