It’s Labor Day! (So we’re not laboring)

That’s right Solid Signal fans, our offices are closed today. Our techs are home with their families, our warehouse staff is having a barbecue and as for me, your humble blogger, I’m working… as little as possible. Of course, our computerized ordering systems are still up and working hard, but no orders will ship today.

Labor Day is one of those days when we take a step back from the hustle and bustle and just enjoy ourselves, at least most of us. I give a sincere tip of the hat to all those first responders, doctors, retail workers, and waitstaff who work to serve the rest of us on a day most of us take for granted. At least on Labor Day, they’re the real heroes.

For those of us settling back to grill a few brats or watch a little sports, Labor Day is a little piece of heaven, one of those days we work for all year. I hope you take a moment to enjoy it and to look forward to tomorrow, when our offices will be open, full of happy rested people who want nothing more than to help you make your technology wishes come true.