Meet Your Marine DIRECTV Connection!

Some people who need marine DIRECTV don’t know who to get these services from. If this sounds familiar, you should talk to Essa Alijelat.

Essa works for our Signal Connect. This company division offers DIRECTV solutions to various sectors of the marine industry. During his 12+ years here, Essa has established himself as an expert in marine DIRECTV. He’s helped so many people enjoy DIRECTV on the water, offshore, and at marinas. Let’s look at the solutions Essa offers barges/tugboats, fleet management groups, and offshore drilling companies. If you work in one of these marine industry sectors, you’ll want to call Essa for DIRECTV.

Barges and Tugboat Companies

Barge and tugboat crews work hard but they also have downtime. During these times, they’d probably like to watch some of your favorite shows. A marine DIRECTV account from Essa lets them do that. “It all starts with getting the right satellite dome for the boat,” Essa explained. “These devices track DIRECTV’s satellites in the sky whether the boat is moving or staying still.”

If you’re reading this section, you’re probably part of a barge or tugboat company. Essa can match your boats with the best marine satellite dish and other equipment. He also helps you get the best programming package, installation, and activation. “Once all that’s done, barge companies discover my true value,” Essa added. “It’s in the free tech support service I offer for the life of your account.” If you need help, you call Essa directly and he’ll take care of it!

Fleet Management Companies

This is another marine industry sector Essa loves to help. That’s because he’s probably the only one who can deliver DIRECTV to so many boats. Essa explained, “Fleet management groups have unique needs. These companies want custom DIRECTV solutions for the vessels in their fleets.” Fortunately for you, Essa has been doing this for years.

“In most cases, these companies need a custom system design to install DIRECTV in their boats,” Essa explained. “I work with the DIRECTV experts in our company to come up with the best plan down to the last vessel.” Essa also helps arrange for a seamless installation and account activation. He added, “The companies I work with get the free tech support and account management services I’m known for.”

Offshore Drilling Companies

Some might think it’s impossible to get DIRECTV on an oil rig. Those folks have never met Essa. He’s already brought this satellite TV service to many oil platforms, some as far as 50 miles out to sea. The decision to get DIRECTV on an oil rig starts with someone like you. You must want to get this service for your hard-working crew. “Once that decision is made, all it takes is one phone call to me,” Essa said. “I make the process as easy as possible.”

Essa provides a complete DIRECTV experience with offshore oil companies. It starts with the dish, receiver, and other equipment. It also includes installation, activation, and everything else. Of this process, Essa added, “The biggest value I provide is free tech support services. If there’s a rare DIRECTV connection issue out there on the platform, I’m just a phone call away!”

Call Your Marine DIRECTV Connection Today!

That’s Essa Alijelat, of course. We’ve only been singing his praises since the beginning of this post. He deserves it, though. In the world of commercial marine DIRECTV accounts, there’s no one better to have on your side. His customer service skills are legendary in the marine industry. Do you need DIRECTV for a barge, yacht, or oil platform? If so, call Essa at 248-896-8607. You can also fill out the form below and send it to him. Essa will be in touch!

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