MEMORIAL DAY: A Time to Remember

You stand today in a free society. This is the sort of country where people are free to blog about consumer electronics or anything else they want. You’re free to walk across the street, free to pursue happiness, free to live your life under clear blue skies. We’re even free to criticize our leaders or those who want to be our leaders without fear of retribution.

Those freedoms didn’t come free.

Today, we pause to think about the millions of Americans who fought all over the world to make sure that you can check your facebook status without being afraid of the black boot of tyranny. Many of them didn’t make it back home. They gave up their chance to have a long life full of family and friends so that you could have those things.

Take one day a year — even better, take every day — and think about the sacrifices that have been made for you. Thank a veteran who made it home, and visit your local war memorial and think about the names you’ll find on that statue.

Memorial Day? Veterans Day?

A lot of people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day. Personally I think you should keep the spirit of both holidays in your hearts. Here’s a little explanation of the differences.

Memorial Day was once called Decoration Day in much of the country. It’s the day for remembering those soldiers who didn’t make it back. People called it Decoration Day for a simple reason. Way back when, it was the day for people to decorate soldiers’ graves. That’s still a good idea if you have a cemetery nearby.

Veterans’ Day also had another name. Armistice Day was established in 1918 when, on the 11th day of the 11th month, World War I finally ended. Veterans’ Day is the day you celebrate all vets, living and dead. It’s the day for remembering that some sacrifices are worth it. It’s also for remembering that war is a terrible thing with terrible consequences.

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