MLB Extra Innings Free Preview going on NOW!

It’s baseball time again! The official start of the regular season is here and with it, DIRECTV is offering a free preview of MLB Extra Innings. You’ll get every out-of-market game, free, for an entire week. If you’ve missed baseball, and last year’s shortened season didn’t do it for you, this is your chance to get in on all the action.

The regular season is back

This year, due to negotiations between the players and the league, the entire regular season will be played. That is, barring something else we don’t expect. Across the nation, some stadiums are open, while some remain closed. Some have partial capacity and partial services. No matter what, though, TV coverage is here for those who don’t choose to go to the game in person for whatever reason.

Extra Innings + MLB.TV = great choice

With the Extra Innings package, you get every regular season, out-of-market game. You get the Strike Zone channel to tell you when all the big plays are coming up. And of course you get the best live coverage.

As in prior years, you also get a free subscription to the MLB.TV package. This extra is normally priced almost as high as Extra Innings itself. With MLB.TV, you can stream games on your phone or any connected device with even better controls this year. You’ll also get the MLB At Bat app which helps you track how all your favorite teams are doing.

Pricing is as low as it’s been in years

MLB Extra Innings is priced over $50 less than it was last year, yet you’ll get a lot more baseball. I have to tell you, I don’t know the reason for the price drop, but who cares? Why not take advantage of a little more cash in your pocket? You can pay in multiple installments on your DIRECTV bill as well.

A little bit about blackout rules

Whenever I write an article about MLB Extra Innings, I sadly have to write about the league’s unreasonable blackout rules. Even during last year’s super-shortened season, the league didn’t let up. Your local coverage may be blacked out if you are “designated” to be in a team’s area. You may be hundreds of miles from the stadium but that doesn’t matter.

The good news is that with Extra Innings, you can usually get the opposing team’s coverage which is more than you’d get otherwise. I personally think it’s time for these rules to go away, but there’s only so much one blogger can do.

Get MLB Extra Innings from Solid Signal

If you like what you see, you can sign up for the package by going to your or account and simply adding it. If you’re looking for that personal touch, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. We are AT&T and DIRECTV dealers and can help you with anything you need. Our offices in Michigan are open during East Coast business hours, and you’ll get personalized service from our satellite technicians. Why call anyone else?

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