New DIRECTV logo comes to receivers almost immediately

What you see above is DIRECTV’s new logo. You’ve seen it all over the media for the last two weeks, and our blog has been updated to feature it on DIRECTV-related articles. Chances are, you won’t see that AT&T globe associated with DIRECTV again. Those days are over.

A quick analysis of the logo

Because, you knew I had to go there. The logo owes a lot to the last version of the DIRECTV logo in the pre-AT&T days:

The basic font is the same, although it’s been modified to fit the shape. The curved shadow that had been introduced to remind you of the earth is back, too. The letters “TV” are highlighted in sort of a throwback to this logo from the 2000s:

Yes, there’s a lot of history there. But it’s also a modern interpretation that owes a lot to the decade-long trend in flat design and wide, horizontal logotypes. What’s missing, at least for now, is a really strong icon. The apps use the letter “D” as an icon, like this:

…and that may be the weakest part of the new identity. It’s still good looking, but I miss the cyclone. There’s still time for them to bring it back.

It didn’t take long

Check out this screen cap from my Genie 2 system:

As you can see they put that new logo into the software and they did it pretty darn quick. I expect it’s going to take a little longer for the H24/H25/HR24 receivers to get that logo, but I know they will.

I seem to recall it took about 6 weeks for the AT&T globe to start showing up in receiver menus back in 2015. This happened a lot faster. That’s not only a testament to the hard work it took to get the new Genie menus in place, but the enthusiasm of the engineers who are part of DIRECTV now.

It only gets better from here

DIRECTV’s message is simple, clear, and concise. We have the entertainment you want, no matter how you want it. We’re smarter, we’re more nimble, and more focused than ever before. I honestly believe them. The spirit at DIRECTV is more upbeat than I’ve seen it in a very long time. I’m looking forward to see what they do next.

I expect a new commitment to both service and hardware in the coming years. I think you’ll see a whole new DIRECTV moving forward and for those of us who have been DIRECTV diehards for the last 15-20 years, that’s music to our ears.

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