Netflix’s Undercover is Worth the Effort!

Streamers, you’ll love Undercover on Netflix… as long as you’re not Stuart Sweet!

I excitedly told my coworker that I’m streaming this Belgian/Dutch-language TV series. His reply? “I read much faster than I can listen so subtitles shows bore me.” I believe that he believes his foolishness. I also believe that he’d conveniently forget that position if a Belgian-Dutch version of Star Trek was available to stream. But we’re not here to discuss silly old Stuart. I’d rather tell you why you should stream this amazing Netflix original series. Maybe the Undercover trailer is all it takes to prove that I’m right and Stuart is wrong:

Here are six reasons why Undercover is awesome, and Stuart’s complaints are unimportant:

1. It Has Subtitles and it Doesn’t Matter

Stuart is out to lunch on this one! Some of the best films I’ve seen were foreign films with subtitles. Because of where it’s set, Undercover features a variety of languages including Belgian, Dutch, and French mostly. (That should come as no surprise.) Some characters also speak Spanish and even English. It’s a unique view into European culture where many people are multi-lingual. (I’m low-key jealous of their ability to flawlessly shift between a variety of tongues.)

2. It Was Released in 2019 Series and it Doesn’t Matter

Life hasn’t changed THAT much in the past three years. Not enough to affect the quality of this awesome crime drama. Besides, the show currently has three seasons on Netflix. It typically takes at least a year to film, edit and release a season of any TV series. If my theory is correct, Undercover’s third season takes place in the present day.

3. It’s Based on a True Story You’ve Probably Never Heard

My research tells me that the events in the first season are loosely based on the exploits of Janus van Wesenbeek. He was allegedly one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world. The events leading to his arrest form the basis for the TV series’ first season. I’ve never heard of van Wesenbeek and frankly don’t care. Undercover’s plot is strong enough to stand without the need for based-on-a-true-story validation.

4. It Stars Actors You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Well, unless you stream a lot of Belgian or Dutch programming. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. Your unfamiliarity with them won’t affect your ability to enjoy this show. It’s the first time I’ve seen Frank Lammers, Anna Drijver, and Tom Waes. All three of them did an amazing job with their characters. And Undercover’s supporting cast also does a great job with their roles. In other words, don’t be afraid to try something new.

5. It’s a Great Drama That Puts Ozark to Shame

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I mentioned Ozark. Well, Undercover uses a similar approach to Ozark’s problem-solution-problem formula. More to the point, it shows the challenges that police forces face when conducting undercover operations. And each one of its twists and turns is believable and exciting. This roller coaster ride is balanced by a somber and sobering look at the personal lives of police detectives. Hint: All the time and attention they put into their cases is often at the expense of their families.

6. I Like Even Numbers

Whether it’s posts for The Solid Signal Blog or reps at the gym, I like doing things in even numbers. It’s been this way ever since I was a kid. So, if I have the opportunity to give you the sixth reason for streaming Undercover, I’m going to take it. If you’re someone who likes odd numbers, you might like to know that Undercover has three seasons. Three is half of six, and now I sound like The Office’s Dwight Schrute. Perhaps I’ll stop this line of thought now.

I Tell You About Great TV Every Week…

But I’d don’t hear much from you. If you’re someone who’s seen these shows – or you actually follow my recommendations – let me know what you think. There are few things I enjoy more than some feedback about all these programs I’m streaming. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, and we’ll see you next week!

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