New Unboxing Video: Tech Choice Pen-Style Electric Screwdriver

It’s here. This is one tool where I have to say, “Where have you been all my life?”

I’m talking about the “Pen Driver,” also known as our Tech Choice Pen-Style Electric Screwdriver. Not the catchiest of names, but it doesn’t matter. Everything else about this tool is just about perfect.

It’s a small, USB rechargeable electric screwdriver designed for precision jobs. It comes with roughly every bit you could possibly ever need, including the elusive #000 Phillips which is needed for a lot of fine electronics repairs. Solid Signal sent me one to test, and I’ve already told them, I’m not sending it back. This one’s all for me.

Take a look

This is one sexy little tool. I think the video speaks for itself … of course I do since I narrated it.

If you want a little more detail, check out this video:

In all seriousness

This one kit replaces a whole host of precision screwdrivers that I’ve had over the years and it works really well. No, I do not think this is the tool I’d use to put up drywall, but it’s perfect for the things I actually do. For disassembling computers or fixing glasses, it’s going to be perfect.

This thing

One of the things that you don’t see in the video is this magnetizer. It makes it easy to convert the screwdriver to a magnetic one. You can put it around the screwdriver’s collar or just use it separately. I used to purposely avoid magnets when fixing computers, but since everything has gone to solid state drives I’m a little less worried about it. It’s a nice extra.

Probably my favorite feature…

You get three strong LEDs that light up every time you press one of the buttons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve perched my phone up against something I’m trying to repair. What a pain that is. This tool puts the light exactly where it needs to be and that’s a lifesaver.

If you don’t believe me, check out the “Pen Driver” (I like that name better anyway) at a special price now, exclusively at Solid Signal.

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