It’s now “DRE” and “DRE Plus”

A little bit of new nomenclature I read about… for all those commercial types who follow DIRECTV Residential Experience.

The base level of DRE is now simply called “DIRECTV Residential Experience.” This is the version without the server, so you don’t get the really fancy bits like PMS Server interaction, Local Content Insertion, IP Cameras, and that stuff. But you do get the ability to give your guests the DIRECTV service that they enjoy at home.

To get the real experience though, you need what is now called “DIRECTV Residential Experience PLUS.” This is what I formerly called “DRE 2.0.” It’s the version with the server. You can insert your own videos, map channels, set parental controls remotely, and this is the version you need if you want to put a DVR in the room.

Bottom line is you now have two great choices: DRE for simpler installs and DRE Plus for the best possible experience!

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Stuart Sweet
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