Offices closed today… enjoy some rest!

That’s right Solid Signal fans, our offices are closed today. Our techs are home with their families, our warehouse staff is having a barbecue and as for me, your humble blogger, I’m working… as little as possible. Of course, our computerized ordering systems are still up and working hard, but no orders will ship today.

Labor Day is one of those days when we take a step back from the hustle and bustle and just enjoy ourselves, at least most of us. I give a sincere tip of the hat to all those first responders, doctors, retail workers, and waitstaff who work to serve the rest of us on a day most of us take for granted. At least on Labor Day, they’re the real heroes.

Where does Labor Day come from?

According to the internet which is always right about everything, Labor Day’s origins go back to 1882. This was the midst of the labor union movement, when people were rebelling against working 100 hours a week starting at age 6 and having no safety or health equipment whatsoever. The idea of a day when work was forbidden but you still get paid must have seemed pretty heavenly.

Most states adopted Labor Day as a holiday in 1894 and it’s now celebrated on the first Monday in September throughout the US. No one seems to know why the date was chosen, and several sites seem to think that it was totally random. I guess picking a date for a reason was “too much work.”

Order on and we’ll fill your order as quickly as we can.

We’re a family company and our warehouses are closed today. Because no one is actually shipping anything today, this might slow us down a little bit. But, there’s no reason to put off ordering the stuff you need at We’ll get to work first thing tomorrow to make sure your order is filled quickly. If you ask me,  that sounds like a good deal.

In the meantime, enjoy your day.

Settle back in and grill a few brats or watch a little sports. Labor Day is a little piece of heaven, one of those days we work for all year. I hope you take a moment to enjoy it. Let’s look forward to tomorrow! Our offices will be open, full of happy rested people. We’ll want nothing more than to help you make your technology wishes come true.

Have a great day and thanks for shopping at Solid Signal all year! If you have an urgent need, please check out our support group on Facebook or fill out the form below and our techs will respond as soon as possible when our offices are open.

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