Does this receiver look familiar to you? It’s time to make a change

If you’re still rocking one of these or any standard-definition receiver from DIRECTV, it’s time to make a change. DIRECTV is phasing out standard-definition service in 2019 and you don’t want to be the last person on the block to switch. If you have other HD receivers or DVRs in your home or office then the swap will be an easy one and probably won’t involve any extra cost for wiring. If you’re still looking at a round dish on the roof, though, it’s time to plan for a change.

DIRECTV is phasing out standard definition service because the last satellites they own that are designed for SD will end their service life in less than three years. Standard definition hasn’t really been “standard” for almost a decade now and the fact that people are still holding on to old receivers tells you just how well DIRECTV equipment is made. It’s already been two years since DIRECTV stopped activating SD service for homes, and the number of receivers out there is starting to shrink.

Let’s face it — the last standard definition television was made in 2006 so it’s pretty unlikely you’re actually using that SD receiver on the kind of TV for which it was intended. You could be looking at crystal-clear HD on that HDTV or even move straight up to 4K which looks fabulous from DIRECTV. The best part is that there are upgrade deals available that can get you into the latest and greatest stuff with little or no out of pocket!

It starts by calling the professionals at Solid Signal at 866-726-4182. Solid Signal is an authorized DIRECTV dealer so we’re able to take care of you, even better than DIRECTV can since we specialize in “the personal touch…” the kind of thing you can’t get from a gigantic business.

Solid Signal’s reps understand that you have spent a lot of time perfecting your setup and you don’t want just anyone coming in and touching it. We can help you install your equipment yourself, or recommend an installer in your area who will go above and beyond to customize your home theater to make it special for you.

We also understand that you may have stayed with standard definition for a reason — perhaps you’re using that receiver as part of a tailgate setup or you take it to your cabin on occasion. We’re totally on board with these authorized uses of DIRECTV equipment and we’ll help you get your system futureproof no matter where it is, and no matter if it’s on land, sea, or on the road.

Folks, the one thing you don’t want to do is wait. As the 2019 cutoff gets closer and closer, people are going to be desperate to upgrade because they’ll lose service. This means there could be shortages of equipment and qualified installers. Sure, you waited this long but believe me this is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Your first stop is

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