Orby TV is gone – users, call Solid Signal for help

This will likely be my first and last mention of Orby TV. Several sources are reporting that the company has now ceased operations and posted a farewell message on its web site. This follows a confusing period of several weeks when the service was still operational but the web site and social channels were up and down. At least now we have some closure.

What was Orby TV?

Orby was a low-priced satellite television service. For about $40 a month you could get a few dozen standard definition channels. The Orby TV kit was sold at several retailers (not at Solid Signal) and consisted of a dish  and a receiver. Local channels were not included but you could integrate your own antenna. Professional installation was available, but users could also do the aiming yourself.

Which is to say, it looked and acted a lot like DIRECTV in 1994.

The problem with Orby

The problem was that it’s not 1994. Orby might have appealed to a few people in areas where internet speeds were low. But, for nearly anyone else, there are streaming options that are considerably better and just as inexpensive. If local channels aren’t your thing, there are even free live TV alternatives and you’re just as welcome to put up an antenna.

The other issue is that Orby was a standard-definition service. While I don’t want to assume, it just sort of seems like people without internet service probably aren’t home theater snobs. I get that. But the picture quality on any reasonably-sized TV was going to be pretty bad, and that’s hard to ignore.

Orby’s odd exit strategy

So, Orby stopped all operations and posted the most bland and simple message possible on their web site. It thanks customers for their time and suggests that they contact DISH for a special offer.

I’m not going to say anything bad about DISH after all Solid Signal is a DISH Authorized Retailer. But the offer they’re giving is to get DISH for only $100 out of pocket.

That’s fine but depending on incentives, the folks at Solid Signal can usually do even better than that on either DIRECTV or DISH. I’m not going to post any deal here because these blog articles live forever and the deal might end. But what you want to do right now, if you have Orby, is call us. You want to find out if you qualify for an even better deal than what that web site is offering. Chances are you do.

When you upgrade to DIRECTV or DISH, you get high definition channels and a DVR that works a lot better. In almost every case you will get your local channels without the need for an antenna.

Your old Orby TV equipment

Unfortunately, the Orby TV equipment can’t be used for DIRECTV or DISH. Please take a moment to responsibly recycle it, in accordance with local laws. You can reuse the cable for a cell booster or antenna, now that it’s running inside your home. Your DIRECTV or DISH installer won’t use it, as it’s standard operating procedure to run all new cable.

Call Solid Signal

Give us a call now at 888-233-7563. We’ll lay out all the options for you and help you decide which service is best for you. If it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly!


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