Our DIRECTV Service: What’s Really Important

Signal Connect offers free tech support and account management services to our DIRECTV customers. But do we focus on this fact too much?

If we are guilty of this, I’m the biggest offender. Seriously! Whenever I post about our “free tech support,” I type the word “free” in all caps. Clearly, I’m focusing on the fact that these services don’t cost a thing to Signal Connect customers. In a rare moment of self-awareness, I made fun of my propensity for focusing on free. It’s in this video Stuart Sweet and I put together. In fact, that’s me at the beginning shouting about the fact that our customer support is free:

Thank goodness Stuart shows up to be the voice of reason. He points out what’s truly important: that Signal Connect’s DIRECTV customer service actually helps people. Let’s examine some of the ways this happens…

1. DIRECTV Connection Issues

This is probably the most common call our Signal Connect reps get. One of our customers turns on their DIRECTV only to find an error message on the screen. While these situations are rare, they do happen. When they do, you don’t have time to dial into DIRECTV’s call center. We love those guys, but they take thousands of calls a day. That means it’s not uncommon to be put on hold when you call them. People don’t have this kind of time when they want to watch their favorite TV shows.

When Signal Connect customers have a DIRECTV connection issue, they call us. One of the many Signal Connect reps will take the call. Our team starts by asking the customer some specific questions about their outage. This is how they diagnose the problem over the phone. Once that’s determined, we’re able to walk customers through the fix over the phone. Our reps will even stay on the line with them until we’re certain that their DIRECTV comes back.

2. Account Management Services

So, who do you call when you need a billing address change? Or how about a DIRECTV account suspension? Or even adding or removing various movie or music channels? Or upgrading your base programming package? Many DIRECTV customers will dial into the satellite TV provider’s busy call center for these account management services. Yes, they’ll eventually get the help they need, but there’s a quicker way.

Signal Connect customers simply call us for all these things and more. When you get DIRECTV from us, you also get an account rep to handle these things. When you need account management, you dial directly into Signal Connect headquarters, which is based in Novi, MI. In most cases, you’ll just call your rep directly. If they’re on another call, someone else in our US-based call center will help you with everything. The convenience we offer cannot be overstated!

3. 721/722 Error Codes

Okay, the average DIRECTV customer might not know what this is, exactly. It’s the error code needed to resend authorization to a DIRECTV receiver. It’s usually the result of a DIRECTV receiver being inactive for more than 30 days. If you get this code, you won’t be able to watch TV until someone takes care of it. Reaching out to DIRECTV is one way to take care of this, but it might not be the best way.

The customer support specialists at Signal Connect handle 721/722 error codes all the time. In fact, they’re able to recognize these issues quicker than other DIRECTV dealers. Our reps are so good at handling these calls that in many cases it’s a two-minute fix… for a Signal Connect rep. You just can’t get this level of customer service from anyone else. Yes, it really is that simple.

Yes, All This DIRECTV Customer Service is FREE!

But that’s not really the point I’m trying to make here, is it? The type of DIRECTV service Signal Connect offers is really the point. Some call it “concierge services” and others refer to it as “white glove service.” Whatever you choose to call it, the important thing to remember is that we’re the ONLY ones who provide DIRECTV customer service at this level. You deserve it, too! To find out more, just call 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below.

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