DIRECTV for Business actually saves money and energy

Running a business is tougher than ever. You’re always looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining service levels. in some business, TV is a necessity while in others it’s just “nice to have.” We’ve shown you how DIRECTV can cost less than getting faster internet, but you might be thinking that cable TV is even cheaper than DIRECTV, especially if you already rely on the cable company for internet service. Here’s where you need to rethink your calculations: power costs.

Business owners often think that power costs are out of their control. After all you need computers, you need lights, and if you have a warehouse or factory floor, you need to run those heavy machines. You might have tried to put the lights on timers or encourage people to turn off computers that aren’t being used, but is that really enough? You need to control the energy that your devices are using.

Start with the facts. Energy costs are often the second highest part of your budget, right behind labor. This table shows it clearly. It’s a little old but the basic information is still sound.

You are paying between $10 and $60 per kilowatt-hour out there. You know that your energy bills can run into the thousands of dollars but maybe you think that’s just the cost of doing business.

Maybe you can start with the TV. Look for televisions with the Energy Star logo on them. If you’re still rocking those old tube TVs it’s probably cheaper in the long run to replace them than keep them. Then take a long look at your TV provider. There’s only one provider out there who wins energy efficiency awards year after year: DIRECTV.

Running a DVR could cost you $250 per year in energy. That’s no exaggeration: these are really just computers with hard drives that spin all day. Or, you could choose an energy star certified DIRECTV DVR that uses 90% less energy. DIRECTV puts a lot of engineering effort into energy savings, from using green-power hard drives to external power supplies that don’t need expensive cooling fans. The latest generation of DIRECTV equipment costs pennies per day to operate while the same old cable company equipment costs dollars.

Look at it another way. Fill your bar up with cable TV programming, using 8 cable HD receivers. Depending on where you are you could pay $1,500 per year just in power costs. Use 8 DIRECTV H25 receivers instead and your power cost could be as low as $300 per year. Suddenly that “double play” deal from the cable company doesn’t sound so good. Is it really saving you $1,200 per year?

The fact is that your customers, your employees… even you personally probably want DIRECTV programming but you’ve considered it an unnecessary luxury. All of a sudden, it seems a little more affordable, doesn’t it?

Oh and by the way, all that power savings probably does save the planet too. Might as well feel good about that.

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