PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The outlet center of your dreams

Think of it as a 21st-century update. This Tech Choice 3 Outlet Power Surge Protector Wall Tap gives you everything you could possibly want in an outlet. Plug in three power bricks using the widely spaced outlets, then connect an additional two devices via USB (or one 2.1A device like an iPad). Finally, rest your phones in the convenient shelves so they stay out of the way. Add 540 Joule power protection and what you have is a solution to today’s electronics problems.

I know that personally I’m always searching for an outlet in my office. I use power strips and cubes and I have dual chargers and I charge stuff from my computer. I do everything I can, but sometimes I still don’t have enough. Not only that but everything gets to be a mess. This little device solved the problem.

Keep in mind that it has a maximun rating of 15 amps, so personally I would avoid adding power strips to all three outlets unless you have a really good electrical circuit. However, it should be enough to easily charge your five most common devices without a lot of extra wires or worries.

Installation is a snap – remove the outlet’s plastic plate and screw in the wall tap. It’s just that easy. The phone shelves fold away when not in use, making this as attractive as it is useful.

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