Satellite TV on the warehouse floor?

We’re all very grateful for fulfillment centers and warehouses. At Solid Signal we’ve been using fulfillment centers across the country for over a decade. They help us reach our customers coast to coast quickly and with minimal shipping costs. And of course, we’re not the only ones. Chances are you’re within an easy drive of several fulfillment centers as you read this. And the folks who work there have been your lifeline all year.

So you work in a fulfillment center…

Chances are you have a busy life. Today’s warehouses are bustling places, with nary a moment to think. Keeping the country running is serious business and a lot of that falls on our ability to get the things we need quickly. But, let’s not forget one thing. Human beings aren’t robots. Sure, there are fulfillment centers that are highly automated, but most warehouses run on good-old-fashioned people power. And when you’re running a large organization full of humans, you have to remember they run on more than just the clock. You have to provide an experience for your coworkers that keeps them productive. And sometimes, that means a little entertainment.

If you’re running 24/7/365, you want to make sure you’re taking extra special care of your people. That means giving them something special now and again. One of the best things you can do is give them access to a little entertainment.

Our love for sports is stronger than ever

Why not give your employees a little bit of enjoyment by piping in some sports programming? It’s cheaper than you think to bring in sports or any other for of TV in the warehouse. You can put all of the equipment you need in one closet and run simple cabling to control the TVs out on the floor. It’s less expensive than you can imagine to put this sort of thing on the warehouse floor, in lunch or break areas, or anywhere you like.

A little song in your heart

Why not pipe in a little music for everyone to enjoy? This sounds like a pretty easy thing but in a warehouse it can be a challenge. Often times there isn’t good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage in the warehouse, and sometimes you just don’t want your workers wearing their own headphones for safety reasons. The answer is to pipe in music. But did you know that it’s illegal to just hook a radio to a speaker? Maybe you’ll never get caught but it’s not worth taking the risk. The way around this simple: sign up with a licensed music provider and pay the small amount you’ll need to pay in order to be in full compliance.

DIRECTV Satellite brings you games and music

With one small monthly fee, you can get the best entertainment, sports, news, and even music through one provider. DIRECTV brings it all with business-friendly packages that are designed specifically for large installations like yours. You can take care of your workers with confidence because we’re here to take care of you.

Get DIRECTV Satellite from Signal Connect…

There’s only one way to get the kind of customer service you deserve. AT&T’s overseas call center is great if you are a regular residential customer, but they’re not going to be much help for large businesses. That’s where commercial dealers like Signal Connect come in. Signal Connect is an AT&T Preferred Dealer and DIRECTV for Business Authorized Dealer. That means we specialize in solving the kind of problems that only large businesses have.

…and we can help with much more than satellite TV

Signal Connect isn’t just a satellite dealer. We can help with network wiring, systems integration, and even phone systems and digital signage. We’ve wired some of the largest facilities in the country and made sure to leave behind 100% complete satisfaction. No job is too big for our team, and there’s nowhere in the country we can’t reach.

Get started on the path to total customer satisfaction

Call Signal Connect now at 888-233-7563 and speak to a professional. You won’t get the call-center runaround. You’ll get an expert who’s trained in solving problems. You’ll get someone who is committed specifically to you. It’s worth a few minutes to get started on the path to better worker productivity. You’ll be glad you did. Our corporate offices are open during East Coast business hours. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

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