Showtime and EPIX free preview March 25-28

Get ready to have a great weekend. You’ll find a lot to like on Showtime and EPIX when you watch this free preview, starting Thursday, and going through Sunday.

It’s an embarrassment of riches

If you take a look at DIRECTV channels 545 – 560, you’ll find not only the best in movies and other older entertainment, but an amazing amount of new content as well. Showtime and EPIX have both been putting out amazing work in the past year. For whatever reason they’ve been overshadowed by other premium channels. Now you have an opportunity to really get to dive into both channels and see what they are about

Two companies, one goal

Showtime is part of the vast ViacomCBS empire that includes the fledgling Paramount+ streaming network, as well as CBS, Comedy Central, and other properties. Showtime’s long been known for quality programs like Shameless and Your Honor.

EPIX, owned by MGM, is sort of the missing link for new movies and content. If you are waiting for that next big release and you don’t know why it’s not on HBO, Hulu, or Netflix, it’s probably on EPIX. in the past they’ve had an exclusive hold on blockbusters like RocketMan. They also have a ton of original programming like the interesting take on comedy that is Unprotected Sets.

Take them together and they will give you more than a weekend full of fun.

Get the best entertainment on DIRECTV

Dollar for dollar DIRECTV is still the best value for home entertainment. If you add up all the money you’re spending on streaming, you’re going to be amazed. A typical DIRECTV subscription is about $100 and it not only brings you hundreds of channels of entertainment but so much more. You’ll get free previews like these. You’ll get local news and sports. And you’ll also be able to authenticate to apps like HGTV, Paramount+, NBC, and others to stream to your heart’s content for free.

There’s no beating this kind of always-on entertainment, bringing you a carefully curated set of content 24/7. If you’re tired of the endless scrolling of a night with Netflix, do what your parents did. Turn on the TV and just watch. These days it’s nice to be able to just settle in and take in the rhythms of life. There’s enough immediacy and enough stress in the world. Why not live life at 1x speed for a little while? DIRECTV gives you the de-stressing opportunity you need right now.

Like what you see on Showtime and EPIX?

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