NICE AND EASY: If you’re not a hotel manager, you don’t need the RC71H remote.

Look I’m not naming names but someone somewhere is giving good honest people the impression that they need to get DIRECTV’s RC71H hotel remote. I can tell you it’s no one in the Solid Signal organization, but I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it… someone is telling people that in order to use their DIRECTV-ready TVs, they need an RC70H or RC71H remote. Folks, it isn’t true.

Of course, it’s confusing enough that the RC70H and RC71H look just like the regular Genie remote, but they’re designed to work only in hotels. The idea is that people who stay in a DIRECTV-equipped hotel will get an experience that’s as close as possible to the experience they get at home. At the same time, hotel owners will get a remote that no one wants to steal because it says right on the back that it won’t work with your home equipment. And everyone wins with the RC71H’s anti-microbial coating because, hotel remotes… ew.

The problem with that whole scenario is that in order to please everyone you end up coming up with a remote that looks like the one you have at home but it doesn’t work like the one you have at home. An RC71H remote will do you absolutely no good at home, period. It’s that simple. It won’t control anything you have and it won’t even turn on your TV. It’s a very pretty looking piece of nothing as far as you’re concerned.

As I said, someone out there is giving really nice folks the impression that this is the right remote for DIRECTV-ready TVs. It isn’t. That remote is the regular Genie Remote and it can be programmed to work with Samsung, Sony, and LG DIRECTV-ready TVs. (Tutorial here.) Note that models RC70 and RC71 can be used for Samsung and Sony TVs while LG TVs need model RC72.

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