Set your clocks forward tomorrow (Sunday)!

It’s that time again.I may hate it, but that doesn’t make it go away. Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend and so you’re going to have to set all your clocks again. Your technology stuff will be ok but you’ll still run around setting the oven, the microwave, and all that other non-connected stuff. What a supreme pain in the rump.

As we’re told over and over again this time of year, Daylight Saving Time is a holdover from attempts to save energy in the 20th century by more closely aligning people’s schedules with the hours with maximum daylight. It never worked right, it has nothing to do with farming as some people think, and it costs millions in property damage in the weeks right after the change due to confusion and lack of sleep.

In other words, Daylight Saving is a real drag.

So take a few minutes this weekend to set the clocks, and try to get a bit more sleep than normal and be more alert than normal for a while, The idiots around you will really be gunning for you, more than normal.