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Do you need some help with a TV antenna, satellite dish, or other consumer electronics equipment? At Solid Signal, real phone support from real Americans is just a call away!

When it comes to electronics purchases, do you always get the help you need? We’ve all gotten stuck trapped in a company’s automated answering service. Our frustration mounts as a robot talks to us while we push buttons in some desperate hope to connect with another human being. If we’re lucky enough to make a connection, there’s a good chance that a language barrier keeps being helped. Rest assured, this is NOT how we help people here at Solid Signal.

Product Recommendations and More

We want you to call us, especially if you have questions or need a product recommendation. When you pick up the phone and call us, you’ll hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line. That voice belongs to someone who’s happy to help you. And since we staff our customer service department with product experts, they’re available to help troubleshoot any problem you might have and offer you a solution.

A typical call from a member of our customer service department sounds something like this:

SOLID SIGNAL: Thank you for calling Solid Signal. This is Thomas. How can I help you?

CUSTOMER: I’m trying to split a line and it works without the splitter; but after adding it, I lose everything. Can you help?

SOLID SIGNAL: May I ask what type of system you are splitting?

CUSTOMER: Satellite.

SOLID SIGNAL: Are you able to read a frequency range in mHz on the splitter itself?


SOLID SIGNAL: Does it read 54-800MHz, or 850-2500MHz?

CUSTOMER: It’s 54-800 MHz.

SOLID SIGNAL: Satellite works in the 850-2500MHz range, so you need a splitter that works in that frequency for your satellite TV will work.

CUSTOMER: Do you sell that kind of splitter?

SOLID SIGNAL: Absolutely! We have several different kinds of splitters. If you let me know what type of equipment you’re using so I can match you with the best splitter for the job.

Upgrades and New Service

You can get it all with one call when you go to Solid Signal. We can help you with satellite television service, cell phone signal boosters, and even over-the-air antennas. We can even help you set up your cell service. We’re dealers for DIRECTV, DISH, AT&T, weBoost, and more. You don’t need to go to ten different places to find what you need. We’re here to take care of you!

TV Antenna Recommendations

If you want to cut the cord but aren’t sure of which antenna to buy, give us a call. Sure, we have an online antenna request form that you could fill out, but isn’t it more reassuring to talk to a real live person? Of course it is. When you call us for an antenna recommendation, our experts will ask you how far you live from the TV transmitters in your local TV market. This helps us determined which antenna would be best for you. It’s also very common for our customer service reps to walk through a TV antenna installation with a customer who needs the help.

Fast, Friendly Service

From product questions to TV antenna recommendations, our customer service department makes everything easy. So if you need some type of consumer electronics product but aren’t quite sure of what it is, give us a call. And if you’re tired of paying that expensive monthly cable bill, we can help with that, too. Call our customer service department at 888-233-7563 to reach the experts who can help you today.

About the Author

Stuart Sweet
Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.