Something to remember when you’re putting your boat away for the winter

Winter is just around the corner and that means for a lot of people it’s time to get the boat ready for storage. This yearly ritual is more than just cleaning and hosing off, it’s important that you take a good honest look at all your marine electronics and make sure that when you get ready to go back in the water next spring, you won’t find any little surprises.

In the past I’d have been telling you to make sure that your entertainment stuff was in order, that your satellite dome was clean and in good condition, and that if you had a marine cell booster that the connections were tight and free from corrosion. Of course you should still do that stuff but…

Since last winter has added close to 10,000 specialty items for marine enthusiasts. This is stuff from a $10 grommet to a $50,000 specialty communications system and of course everything in between. You’ll find everything you need to get things, well, “ship shape” once again and you’ll especially find the widest array of marine electronics you can get anywhere. If you do your own repairs, you’ll be pleased to find the brands you know like FloscanFuruno and Lowrance, plus dozens more.

If it’s time for an upgrade to your existing vessel, you’ll find plenty of different options from new controls to radar equipment. It’s hard to imagine that anything’s missing from our comprehensive selection. Of course, we plan on adding another 5,000 parts this year so there’s still room for improvement!

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Stuart Sweet
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