SOUND OFF: Who still hasn’t gotten the new Genie GUI?

The biggest change to Genie DVRs since 2011 is coming but like a slow freight train, it’s going to make you wait. This promises to be the slowest rollout of a major feature ever from DIRECTV, and there’s a good reason for that.

As I said, this one’s big — pretty much every menu and every screen is affected. While some will be very close to the same, some things will change dramatically and some will disappear completely. Some things you’re used to seeing will move, some will seem almost hidden. This is all good stuff for most people, who will find the things they do every day to be front and center, while menus they rarely use will go further into the background. But it can be confusing and frustrating.

How confusing and frustrating? That’s what AT&T wants to know. So they’re rolling out this new system slowly, so there’s plenty of time to hear from actual users. This technique has been used to roll out new receivers for years… they launch in one or two cities first before becoming available nationally. This is the first time a software rollout has been done so slowly.

If there’s something you like or don’t like, call AT&T or get on their social platforms and let people know. I have already seen some big changes between how the menus perform today and how they were performing on the day they were rolled out, and in my mind all the changes have been good ones. If you got the rollout early, you’ll be automatically updated to the latest stuff as it comes out. If you’re still sitting on the sidelines, you’ll get the newest and most up-to-date software when it’s your turn.

In the meantime, who’s still waiting? Are you anxious, are you excited, or are you just savoring the last possible days with the old menus you know and love so much? Leave us a comment below, and I’ll make sure the AT&T Customer Care people see it!

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