Starz/Encore free preview weekend!

Set those DVRs now… Starz and Encore are free on DIRECTV starting tomorrow, March 7, and going until March 10. This is the entire Starz/Encore Super Pack and if you’re anything like me your DVR’s playlist has been getting a little thin lately. This is a perfect time to stock up on great movies and shows from Starz and Encore. Remember that the stuff you record will be there after the free preview is over, although of course the fine people at DIRECTV would much rather you order Starz and Encore for a very reasonable price. Give it some thought while you’re enjoying great movies and original programming.

Getting ready for American Gods

This weekend’s free preview is brought to you so you can try season two of American Gods. It’s the latest original program from Starz. Season one was very well received. Most reviewers (myself included) thought it was a great update to the original source material. However, on-set strife led to some actors leaving and the showrunning team being upended.

For a while it looked like the show might not continue on for a second season but continue it did, with new actors, new characters and a new production team. Of course I am hoping that it maintains a lot of what made the first season so special, and there’s always the possibility that it will be even better in a second season.

Other great STARZ programming

Starz is a great source for older movies to be sure, but the original series have gotten better and better. Counterpart really should win more awards, as it uses the setup of two slightly different universes to explore the nature vs. nurture controversy, social injustices, and deep character development.

Starz, like other premium services, has really upped its game with regard to original programming in recent years. After all, with streaming making it possible to get any movie instantly, premium channels knew they couldn’t just rely on a deep movie selection.

The best part about a free preview

As I said above, you can record an absolute ton of programming while the free preview is going on and continue to watch it long after it’s over. There are so many channels to choose from, you can keep a Genie 2 busy 24 hours a day just pulling down great content. You’ll find the Starz and Encore channels starting on channel 525 on DIRECTV.

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