The ultimate guide to DIRECTV Genie and RVU

DIRECTV’s Genie System is the biggest news to come out of the company since the introduction of the HR20 in 2006. Even though the hardware doesn’t look very different, it includes a completely different technology called RVU or DIRECTV-Ready.

To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of everything we’ve written about Genie and how to use it in one easy post. Some of these articles have the same information because they were written at different times, but if you read it all and watch the videos you will become a Genie expert!

General Genie Facts

About the HR34 Genie DVR

About the HR44 Genie DVR

About the C31 and C41 Wired Genie Mini Clients

Hands on with DIRECTV’s C31 RVU Home Media Center Client
Hands On Review of the C41 Mini Genie Client
CEDIA Expo Report: DIRECTV Booth Tour
What is the difference between Genie and Whole-Home viewing?
The simple guide to adding a Genie Client
TIP: How to use RVU with your C31 Genie Client or Samsung RVU TV
H25 or C31 Genie Client… which is best for you?
IMPORTANT C31 Genie Client tip!
Solid Signal goes Hands On with the new C41 Genie Client
Can you use a C31 Genie Client with Cat-5 Ethernet cable?
Can you use a Genie Client but limit access to the playlist?
Is it true that Genie has a client without wires or boxes?
NICE AND EASY: How many Genie Mini Clients can I have?
Important information and FAQs about the Wireless C41 Receiver
RVU Networking for Genie Clients — is it necessary to set a static IP?
How do you know if you have a C31 or C41?
How hot should a C31 or C41 Genie Mini Client get?
Can you use an RVU TV without a SWM System?
FROM THE RUMOR MILL: Can you turn a C41 wireless?

About the C41W Wireless Genie Mini Client and Wireless Video Bridge

About the RVU (DIRECTV Ready) TVs (Samsung and Sony)

About RVU and networking

Solid Signal Videos

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