STREAMING SATURDAY: Amazon Prime Streaming Hot in 2018

Amazon Prime streaming takes center stage this week! With the releases of some favorite series on the horizon, 2018 could be strong for the streaming service provider.

If you enjoy streaming some of Amazon’s original series, you should be excited about this year. I know that I am. There’s a very good chance we’ll get a second season of one of Amazon Prime’s most-watched series. A dark detective drama is coming back for its fourth and perhaps final series.  There’s also the rumor of a second season of a popular courtroom drama, which could air in 2018. Clearly there’s a lot going on, which adds to the excitement of what Amazon Prime streaming has to offer.

Sneaky Pete, Season 2 
Sneaky Pete is back for its second season, but no one knows the exact release date. At best, we have Amazon’s trailer for this crime drama series. If last year is any indication, we can expect the series to be available in mid-January. You might remember that the pilot was available on August 6, 2015, but the full series didn’t air until January 13, 2017. Perhaps we can expect an early 2018 release date – maybe as early as mid-January – but that’s just a guess on my part.

The announcement of Sneaky Pete’s second season was big news in my household. Last week, Mrs. Buckler told me that “that show is coming back!” I asked her which one and in her excitement, she blurted, “You know… Slicky Jimmy or whatever.” Of course, I knew she meant Sneaky Pete, starring Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston. The first season ended on a cliffhanger – two ruthless criminals kidnap Ribisi’s character in an extortion attempt. I can’t wait to pick up where it left off!

Bosch, Season 4
We reported about the fourth season of Bosch back in October. Amazon recently announced that the new season airs on March 12, 2014. This police procedural series stars Titus Welliver (Deadwood) as Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch. Fans find the character endearing due to his unique backstory, tenacious pursuit of justice, and Welliver’s accurate portrayal from the source novels. Amazon’s Bosch is also popular with many critics except my colleague and perennial grouch, Stuart Sweet.

The third season of Bosch ended with an important development. Harry has discovered that the man who murdered his mother is alive, and he’s a high-ranking and well connected city official. Will the tortured detective finally obtain the justice he’s sought for so long? If I had to guess, I would say that he will. This also could culminate in Harry Bosch retiring from the police force to finish out the series. I guess we’ll find out in March…

Goliath, Season 2?
That’s the rumor, anyway. Further, sources say that the second season of this courtroom drama starring Billy Bob Thornton will air sometime this year. The plot of Goliath’s new season centers upon a case involving a teen accused of a double murder. Within the courtroom, the battle centers upon Billy McBride (Thornton) versus Chief Deputy District Attorney Hakeem Rashad (Morris Chestnut). Two years ago, I raved about the first season of Goliath here on this blog. I hope to do the same with a second.

The Affair Returns This Summer
The Affair, season four, is scheduled to premiere at 9 PM EST on Sunday, June 17. Yes, I already know that this is a Showtime series, while this column focuses on Amazon Prime. Here’s the catch: Mrs. Buckler and I use Amazon to stream Showtime programming. In fact, we decided to add Showtime to our Amazon Prime package after binge watching the first season of The Affair on a free Showtime weekend. This is why I associate Amazon Prime with this series, and why it’s included here.

Amazon’s Anime Strike Goes Bye Bye
While many great programs are coming to Amazon Prime, some things are leaving the streaming service. Amazon shut down Anime Strike this week. Viewers who enjoy anime don’t have to worry. Anime Strike’s content will be moved to Prime Video and made available to Prime subscribers. It’s unknown whether Amazon will keep securing rights to anime shows in the future.

The news of Amazon dropping Anime Strike sure made a fool out of me! Nearly a year ago, I gushed about Anime Strike on Amazon Prime. Back then, I wrote, “Anime Strike is a great idea, and its success will likely spawn other niche streaming channels available through Amazon’s ever-growing and impressive programming umbrella.” I was tempted to ignore the inconvenient truth of my error, but Stuart Sweet would never let me get away with it. It’s better to own it and shame myself now then to give him the pleasure.

January 1
The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish (Amazon original)
All is Lost
American Ninja
Avenging Force
Baby Mama’s Club
Black Rain
Burning Blue
But I’m a Cheerleader
Coming Soon
Cool World
Cross Bronx
Dangerous Curves
Drop Dead Sexy
Doctor Who, Season 10
Freedom Writers
Hustle & Flow
Invaders from Mars
Love and Death
Love Story
Murphy’s Law
Platoon Leader
Pretty Bird
Requiem for a Dream
Reservoir Dogs
Revenge of the Ninja
Revolutionary Road
Richard the Lionheart
Show of Force
Six Degrees of Separation
Step Into Liquid
Street Smart
The Perfect Weapon
The Presidio
The Wraith
Thelma & Louise
Uncommon Valor
Words and Pictures

January 5
The Devil’s Double

January 6
Grimm, Season 6

January 7
A Ghost Story

January 9
Prime Suspect: Tennison, Season 1

January 12
Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Season 1 (Amazon original)

January 16
My Mother & Other Strangers

January 17
The Midwife

January 19
Just Add Magic, Season 2 (Amazon original)

January 30
Grantchester, Season 3
Remember Me

January 31
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

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