Good news, streamers! AT&T announces three exciting improvements for its DIRECTV NOW streaming service.

Since becoming part of the AT&T family of companies, DIRECTV NOW continues to evolve and improve. With three major announcements, this week is a big one for the satellite streaming service. The company has three major announcements, two the affect DIRECTV NOW right away, while the other hints at great things to come. If you have DIRECTV NOW, or you’re considering this as an option, you should check out how this particular service continues to evolve. DIRECTV NOW could be the streaming solution you’ve been wanting.

DIRECTV NOW Beta App Gets New Features
DIRECTV NOW beta testers now can record an entire series of their favorite programs. AT&T recently announced a new update to its DIRECTV NOW beta. The new feature lets beta testers – and eventually all customers – record whole series of their favorite shows. This feature is the latest addition to DIRECTV NOW’s new app and DVR beta test. Before this addition, viewers were limited to setting up individual recordings for each episode of their favorite show.

Here’s what AT&T sent to subscribers to announce this development: “We have great news! With the new build version for iOS and tvOS, you can now record all your favorite fall series with one simple click! We know this is a feature you’ve been waiting to test for some time, so have at it – record away!”

The new feature currently gives beta testers the option to record an entire series. There aren’t any options to record only the new episodes or add extra time to recordings. DIRECTV NOW also announced that its DVR is scheduled to launch this fall, though critics believe it’s more likely that an official launch will happen in early 2018.

DIRECTV NOW Adds More CW Affiliates
More local The CW affiliates are showing up in DIRECTV NOW’s live TV app, although the channels have not gone live yet. Sacramento, CA is one of the areas where DIRECTV TV viewers reported seeing their local The CW 3 affiliate in their live TV app. In September, AT&T added all CBS-owned CW affiliates to DIRECTV NOW’s live TV app. Here is a list of The CW stations owned by CBS:

  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Pittsburg
  • Philadelphia
  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Tampa

If your local The CW affiliate is not listed in DIRECTV NOW’s app, there’s no need to worry. You still can get the station’s on-demand content through your DIRECTV NOW subscription.

AT&T & Verizon to Build New Cellphone Towers
The future of streaming is wireless, and AT&T is planning for the future. The corporation recently announced a partnership with Verizon and Tillman Infrastructure to build cell phone towers across the country. Spokespeople from AT&T said that the company is dedicated to creating this diverse community of suppliers and towers to provides low-cost options for consumers. Construction on the new towers is set to begin during the first quarter of 2018.

The Evolution Will be Streamed…
DIRECTV NOW’s updates are just a piece of the streaming evolution pie. Amazon, Hulu, and the recently launched Philo all have announced improvements over the past two weeks. The other streaming services also are working hard to stay on the top of their game. The streaming services market is a competitive one, which leaves us, the viewers, the ultimate winner. Stay tuned for more news and updates from the world of streaming service.

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